Luck of the Irish…

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2nd February 2017
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Luck of the Irish…

They say nothing worthwhile comes easy… Yesterday’s road trip was a reminder of that.

Wake up on time, check. Pick up the co-pilot, check. Load the van with nearly a ton of life saving food and hit the road, check. Make sure half of Birmingham isn’t shut down for the St.Patrick’s Day Parade? Nope.

The long and short of it was this – the point where we needed to drop the supplies off was deep into a road block for the annual parade. The roads would open up again at 4pm once the procession had passed (and the storage facility had closed!)

As the crowds built and the awesome floats and procession goers gathered, our scruffy van started to look out of place. Time was running out. It was looking likely that we would be returning to Portsmouth unsuccessful, in turn missing the shipment’s scheduled departure for Syria.

But fear not, the luck of the Irish was on our side.

Local police officers and the events team made the executive decision to let us through the road closure. We even had a police escort to make the delivery. Very fancy indeed.

Everything worked out for the best. The delivery made it to where it needed to be. The parade looked like a huge success. I had even accidentally dressed for the occasion, with my ginger beard and green jacket making me look like a leprechaun.

Mad props to my co-pilot Ali who came along for the adventure. Her quick thinking and expert navigation skills made it all possible.  She had this to say:

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Feed for letting me tag along on this little adventure! It was a great feeling to be doing my little bit of good for those in need; with an extra side of map reading, brain taxing, route rerouting, car dodging, police using, barrier moving, crate delivering, luck of the Irish kind of day! The work Feed does is so inspiring and I feel honoured to have come along for this little leg of the journey!”

A big thank you is in order to the event organisers and the police for being so understanding. Their actions led to the most positive outcome – being able to send food to feed children in need.

Finally, shout out to Plump’d for their amazing work organising the shipment. Here’s to the next one.






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