Plump’d and Feed Hot Dog Co. appeal for life-saving Yemen donations

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Plump’d and Feed Hot Dog Co. appeal for life-saving Yemen donations

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Feed Hot Dog Co.’s charity partner Plump’d are preparing to send 100 cartons of life-saving Plumpy’Nut to Yemen — but we need your support to make that shipment even bigger!

We want to help more children who are living through war, terrorism, cholera, drought, and a loom famine, and we’re aiming to help Plump’d push closer to 1,000 cartons.

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At a quantity of 150 per carton, a shipment of 1,000 would equate to 150,000 rehabilitating packets of Plumpy’Nut nourishment brought to Yemen by our friends at Plump’d.

The Plumpy’Nut will be used in mobile clinics in Aden, a port city located by the eastern approach to the Red Sea. Medical staff are ready to receive the Plumpy’Nut, and to start treating children immediately, but we know via Plump’d that they need much, much more.

The images in this post show nurses in Aden tending to children — a glimpse into the world of those who will benefit from the Plump’d shipment in a life-changing way.

Every time you buy a hot dog from Feed Hot Dog Co., you allow us to add another packet of Plumpy’Nut to Plump’d’s Yemen-bound shipment.

Plumpy’Nut is a nutrient-enriched peanut paste used to treat emergency malnutrition. It comes ready-to-eat in a 500-calorie packet and doesn’t require cooking, refrigeration, milk, or water.

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Plump’d’s 100% donation policy makes us especially proud to work with them — all monetary donations you send their way go entirely towards buying and delivering Plumpy’Nut packets.

At Feed Hot Dog Co., we’re proud to say that we’re currently Plump’d’s biggest donor, thanks to every single one of our customers. The small decision to get lunch with us at whichever events we attend makes an unimaginable impact in the lives of those in need.

If you see us in Portsmouth, Cardiff, Brighton, or any other city we wind up in across the UK, treat yourself to a Feed hot dog and enjoy it in the knowledge that you’ve contributed to the drive to get 1,000 cartons of life-saving food to Aden.

Feed’s previous shipments have seen 2,377 packets of Plump’d distributed to Syria.

Big gratitude,

The Feed Hot Dog Co. Crew

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