Saving The World, One Hot Dog at a Time

5th June 2016
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Saving The World, One Hot Dog at a Time

A lot of people have been asking us “How do you actually save the world, one hot dog at a time?”

Well, for every hot dog we sell, we will gift a packet of food to someone in need.

“Yeah, but how?”

Glad you asked…

It’s probably best to start by stating this is a brave feat. Brave, or perhaps bonkers. But those are the best ideas right?

This is our first culinary adventure as well as our first attempt to deliver humanitarian aid around the world (not to mention combining the two).

That’s not to say we haven’t got amazing help at hand. We’ve had advice from sublime hot dog slingers and we’re working closely with Don’t Hate Donate.

So here is a step-by-step guide to how we intend to save the world, one hot dog at a time.

We get out there – First off, we go out to events, venues and wherever will have us to sell our gourmet hot dogs.

We take count – Annually (perhaps more frequently as time goes by) we sit down and count up the number of hot dogs we’ve sold.

We buy – Once we have the number of hot dogs we will then purchase an identical number of food packets used to fight malnutrition.

We roadtrip – The manufacturer of the food is based in France so we take our beat up van across the channel to collect them and bring them back to our storage in Portsmouth.

We think – Sitting down with Don’t Hate Donate. we identify a program that would benefit from the aid and get in touch.

We ship – This is the exciting part. This is when we get the food delivered to where it’s needed.

We learn – As I said, this is a brave feat. There’s going to be trials and tribulations as well as a steep learning curve but it’s going to be worth it.


Here goes nothing…

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